From Parents

Chandrika has been an excellent guide in helping understand my kids' reactions in various situations. She has provided various tools for understanding, analysing and then acting appropriately without being judgemental in my interactions with my children. It has strengthened my bonding with my kids. In the process I have had an opportunity to introspect and analyse my emotions. I am blessed to know Chandrika and the parenting tools she has shared. Thanks.


(parent of two children ; 9 and 7 years)

I so much appreciate you spending your valuable time and effort in taking the Parenting classes. Just when I thought there is'nt any more to learn about parenting... I attend your Parenting class! And I realise that as a parent( and a grandmom) I have to constantly unlearn my way of knowing and learning to be able to support my kids/ grandkids in their journey. Thank You!


(grandparent to two children)

When I met Chandrika, I understood for the first time what SEL Classes mean, and I found that all children and adults too require these lessons! The catch is that it doesn’t work without a very good mentor and Chandrika is just that! She is very well qualified in her field of work and understands the fine nuances of human psychology very well. My son opened up to her ( which is very rare with him ) within a few sessions and I could see a lot of improvement in him rapidly . He resisted going to SEL classes in the beginning but now in 3 months time he looks forward to meeting Chandrika on Saturdays and draws a lot of inspiration from her. For me as a parent, it was wonderful talking to her and she cleared my understanding of many things with regard to parenting within one or two sessions. I find her very approachable and she is always ready to listen and respond whenever I ask her anything , and my doubts on the smallest things are cleared when I talk to her! She is truly passionate about what she does and when she takes on a child she follows it up with great care and responsibility and makes sure there is actual progress for the child , the parent and the relationship between the two. The sharing and discussions have been very helpful and I look forward to more classes in the future. Thank you for sharing this information in such a simple and clear way.


(parent of ten year old child)

I have known Chandrika for a while now and have been fortunate enough to be part of the parenting club started by her. What I love about our sessions with Chandrika is that she provides guidance in a simple and actionable manner. She creates and maintains a non judgemental atmosphere amongst the participants so I feel free to share my concerns without any inhibitions. This deepens my learning and enhances my take aways from each session. We also do very meaningful excercises as part of the program. These are always highly introspective and lead to big discoveries about our own true selves and our parenting styles. I have had so many 'Aha!!!' Moments in these meetings and have always come away with a lot of clarity and confidence regarding my role as a parent to my daughters. Chandrika's sessions have quickly become a very important part of my personal journey to grow both as a parent as well as a person. Thank you Chandrika for showing me the way!!


(parent of two teenagers and child aged 9)

I wanted to thank you for initiating the insightful classes on Parenting. Sharing your experiences and information from research from the various cognitive styles of learning, the effects of differing parenting styles on both children and how they affect our own views of parenting have been eye opening. It has been helpful as a parent to reflect on some of my own common practices and reflect on how my parenting style effects the behaviour of my children. The sharing and discussions have been very helpful and I look forward to more classes in the future. Thank you for sharing this information in such a simple and clear way.


(parent of two children; ages 12 and 10)

Chandrika has been a fantastic counsellor. She is candid with her approach and extremely pragmatic with her advice and solutions. Her reassuring mannerism immediately puts the child (and parent) at ease and gives confidence. I have experienced first hand, the positive impact of the parenting techniques she has shared as well as advice she has given to the children. Chandrika uses all her training effectively by tailoring it to the needs of the family concerned. All I can say is thank you for all the wonderful insights, lessons and support.


(parent of two teenagers)

From Students

Hello, I’m Romaine and before I came to those classes I was a really bad behaviour with the member of my family and school. When my mom announced this thing, it was a pleasure to do it. All those days I have learned self control and the thing what I couldn’t do, where really easy after. Ms Chandrika is a really good teacher.


(Aged 12 years. From Switzerland)

I came to learn new skills to help me in the future. Now I can cope with situations due to what i learnt. I would like to be able to cope with more new situations. I wanted to learn how to be able to deal with my anger and work with different situations. I always act without thinking and after i act i regret what i did. I would like to learn how to think before i act.


(Aged 9 years)


The workshop was insightful . It definitely opened up our eyes to the depths of these issues As it was a new learning experience , I would have liked more time for questions. I would highly recommend the workshop to high school going kids because it would definitely benefit them.


(Grade 10, Headstart school)

The first therapy session, made me feel good about myself, every session did. After every session, however, I felt like I couldn't last a week without another. Chandrika used cognitive behavioral therapy to treat me. She helped me recognize my triggers, and my emotions and made it better. To the whole process, there were many ups and downs, but I did feel better in the bigger picture. I discovered who I was, started enjoying life, really living, and felt stronger, no matter what was thrown at me. Now, I feel good, more confident, much stronger, much happier, and I barely need help because I know I can manage things on my own now.

Tanvi Kumar

(Aged 16 years)